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Doheny/Bird Streets Area


Recent Home Sales, 2011

View from a Bird Streets estate

Sales activity for homes in the Doheny area of the Sunset Strip/Hollywood Hills-West area of Los Angeles, CA.  This snapshot of home sales activity represents sales of single-family homes in the Doheny/Bird Streets area of Los Angeles from January 2011 - June 2011.


A One-of-A-Kind Neighborhood

What makes the Doheny/Bird Streets area of Los Angeles so special?  Many homeowners are drawn to the unique homes in the area.  This is a not a cookie-cutter neighborhood where all the homes are the same.  In fact, Los Angeles's upscale, luxury neighborhoods all offer homes of distinct character and charm.  In the Doheny/Bird Streets part of the Sunset Strip, practically every home has a character of its own and and has been personally stamped with the imprimatur of its homeowner. 

Home styles in this exclusive neighborhood range from traditional colonials to strikingly modern and architecturally contemporary estates.  The area is also known for having large lots, which can be rare to find in highly desirable areas of the Westside of Los Angeles.  Many of the homes in upper and lower Doheny and the Bird Streets are nestled in areas of the hills, offering privacy as well as spectacular city and ocean views.  The area permeates with a chic, relaxed wealth that is presented in a rather non-ostentatious fashion.  It's what some might describe as "quiet money."

The Appeal of the Bird Streets/Doheny

As you can see from the prices below, the entry-level price of a home in the Doheny/Bird Streets is over a $1 million.  Homes in this price range are rarely on the market and relatively scarce in the Doheny/Bird Streets area of the Sunset Strip.  When they are for sale, they tend to sell very quickly, regardless of their condition.  Prices can quickly go to $15-20 million and up, depending on the architecture, size, and features of the home.  The lot and its views are also extremely important.  The homebuyers in this area know what they want and generally the means to purchase it.  Often, when a buyer can't find exactly what he or she needs, he may tear down or rebuild the existing home to suit his or her lifestyle.  Fortunately, these homes tend to fit right in with the distinctive character of the neighborhood.  You won't find any McMansions on Doheny or on the Bird Streets.

Residents include an eclectic mix of Hollywood's A-list, captains of industry, successful entrepreneurs and professionals.  Homeowners of note, past and present, include among many others:  Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Courtney Cox, Keanu Reeves, George Cukor, Kathryn Hepburn, and Tobey Maguire.  This list could go on and on, and is constantly changing as the homes change hands.  There is also a sizeable number of residents who have lived in the area for decades.  Recently, the area has been a highly-coveted spot for Young Hollywood to take roost, further adding to hipness of the area.

People are drawn to the area because of its unique neighbordhood feel.  When dealing with the upper strata of real estate and luxury homes, a sense of community can sometimes be difficult to find in busy Los Angeles.  Homebuyers are also drawn to the close proximity to Sunset Strip nightlife and its accessibility to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Meanwhile, the winding, picturesque streets offer spacious and quiet retreats and breathtaking views amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.


Recent Home Sales

Address List Price Bedrooms Baths Square Feet Lot Size Year Built Listing Date Sale Price Sale Date
1320 N DOHENY DR $3,950,000 4 4 3765 14,050 1936 10/18/2010 $3,725,000 1/26/2011
9280 NIGHTINGALE DR $18,900,000 4 7 27,860 9/14/2010 $13,750,000 2/9/2011
9034 SHOREHAM DR $1,199,000 3 2.5 1635 5,370 1948 2/22/2010 $1,000,000 2/17/2011
1124 SIERRA ALTA WAY $2,175,000 4 4.5 6,254 1936 9/10/2010 $2,000,000 2/18/2011
8871 ST IVES DR $949,000 3 2 1736 6,840 1948 9/16/2010 $860,000 2/25/2011
1369 BOBOLINK PL $1,995,000 3 2.5 14,080 1948 1/21/2011 $1,950,000 3/7/2011
1355 BOBOLINK PL $1,199,000 4 4 2545 8,530 1979 12/9/2010 $1,207,500 3/9/2011
1326 N WETHERLY DR $3,495,000 4 4 15,250 1966 9/15/2010 $3,375,000 3/10/2011
9405 SIERRA MAR PL $5,995,000 3 4.5 5009 18,440 1960 11/17/2010 $5,650,000 3/24/2011
9211 NIGHTINGALE DR $1,850,000 4 4 3503 17,480 1963 2/25/2011 $2,300,000 3/25/2011
9145 ST IVES DR $1,999,000 5 6 5434 14,790 1954 11/10/2010 $2,145,000 3/30/2011
9050 ORIOLE WAY $17,995,000 3 5.5 34,456 1979 3/3/2011 $14,500,000 4/8/2011
9300 FLICKER WAY $2,495,000 2 2 32,140 1946 2/24/2011 $2,275,000 4/13/2011
1249 N DOHENY DR $5,995,000 5 6.5 14,000 1927 6/7/2010 $5,375,000 4/25/2011
1143 N DOHENY DR $2,195,000 3 3 3400 6,780 1931 2/18/2011 $2,100,000 4/26/2011
1286 SUNSET PLAZA DR $3,550,000 4 4 4200 9,440 1936 2/2/2011 $3,200,000 4/29/2011
1130 SIERRA ALTA WAY $2,079,000 3 3.5 2856 6,254 1936 3/14/2011 $1,825,000 5/19/2011
1227 SIERRA ALTA WAY $2,495,000 3 4.5 3199 10,540 3/23/2011 $2,345,000 6/8/2011
9268 CORDELL DR $1,299,000 3 3.5 2336 8,080 1927 2/14/2011 $1,500,000 6/22/2011
1600 BLUE JAY WAY $2,599,000 3 3 2362 16,690 1968 12/7/2010 $2,500,000 6/22/2011
9268 CORDELL DR $1,299,000 3 3.5 2336 8,080 1927 2/14/2011 $1,500,000 6/22/2011



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